Lutron Pico 9-gang "Nonuple" (3+3+3) Pedestal

$36.95 - $42.95
  • Lutron Pico 9-gang "Nonuple" (3+3+3) Pedestal

Tired of losing your Lutron Caséta / Maestro Wireless Pico Remotes? Need a decorative stand for your Pico Remotes? Distinctive Makes has you covered! This is a great way to place your remotes where you need them most, whether on your nightstand, your coffee table or your counter-top; wherever! The remote is presented at a pleasant angle and features non-slip, silicone rubber feet for comfortable operation.

Need a custom color to match your decor? Reach out and let us know.

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NOTE: Any Lutron remotes shown in photographs are for illustration purposes only. This product includes the pedestal only; the Lutron Pico remotes are not included.

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