Wemo Stage Remote Quadruple Desktop Pedestal

$20.95 - $24.95
  • Wemo Stage Remote Quadruple Desktop Pedestal

The Wemo Stage remote is a wonderful addition to any HomeKit smart home. It nicely comes with a wall mount, but what if you don't want to get up and walk over to the wall "switch" to change scenes and you're tired of losing it in your couch cushions? Putting in your pocket is just inviting accidental scene changes. It needs a better home! Enter Distinctive Makes Wemo Stage Remote Desktop Pedestals! This is a great way to place your remotes where you need them most, whether on your nightstand, your coffee table or your counter-top; wherever! The remote is presented at a pleasant viewing and operating angle, features a hidden metal washer to get that confident, magnetic latch on the perfectly fitting cradle, and non-slip, silicone rubber feet for comfortable usage.

Need a custom color to match your decor? Reach out and let us know. (The video attached to this product shows my Lutron Pico Remote products, but the colors are the same as offered here.)

Looking for single, double or triple pedestals? Or, maybe you'd like a combination Wemo + Pico remote pedestal? Check out our other listings!

NOTE: Any Wemo Stage or other remotes shown in photographs are for illustration purposes only. This product includes the pedestal only; the Wemo Stage or other Remotes are not included.

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